Cake Board RD White


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White Cake Board Round Pelapik Kek Bulat Putih
Enhance any dessert presentation with our Cake Board RD White. This board is perfect for special events, boasting a luxurious white hue and an elegant, delicate design. Take your presentation to the next level with its classic, sophisticated beauty that adds a touch of sophistication to any cake or dessert.

Product Features:
✔️Paper Cake Board | Papan Kek
✔️Color: White
✔️Design: Round | Bulat
✔️Packaging: 1PC
✔️Material: High-Quality Food Grade Wrapper
✔️Size: 6 Inch, 7 Inch | 8 Inch | 9 Inch | 10 Inch
✔️Suitable for any Decoration and any Occasion.
✔️Lightweight and sturdy to Support Cakes and Dessert
✔️Environment Friendly and Economic
✔️Great Choice for Professional and Home Baker
✔️Eco-friendly and safe food-grade products
✔️Attractive, Elegant, Shinny color suitable for bakery product display
✔️Each board has a great Quality of finishing
✔️Ideal for wedding, birthday and any other occasions

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