Gula Merah Lembut


Size: 500g
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Gula Merah Lembut Soft Brown Sugar

Product Features:
✔️Gula Merah Lembut | Soft Brown Sugar
✔️Halal Products
✔️Weight: 500G | 1KG
✔️Soft brown sugar is an added value sugar product predominantly used in baking, both industrial and artisan.
✔️This crystal size is slightly smaller than refined granulated sugar and helps give the product a moist and almost fluffy like appearance.
✔️Soft Brown Sugar has a natural golden brown colour that gives a soft natural caramel aroma and colour. With a subtle buttery notes, it complements gourmet preparations and many other mouth-watering desserts.
✔️Ideal for creaming with butter or margarine to make delicious sponge cakes and puddings, when a fuller flavour and golden colour is needed.

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